User Agent 字符串描述 :

DeskBrowseDeskBrowse 1.0
MozillaMozillaProductSlice. Claims to be a Mozilla based user agent, which is only true for Gecko browsers like Firefox and Netscape. For all other user agents it means 'Mozilla-compatible'. In modern browsers, this is only used for historical reasons. It has no real meaning anymore
5.0Mozilla version
Macintosh Platform
U Security values:
  • N for no security
  • U for strong security
  • I for weak security
PPC Mac OS XOperating System:
running on a PowerPC CPU (PPC)
pl-plLanguage Tag, indicates the language for which the client had been localized (e.g. menus and buttons in the user interface)
pl-pl = PolishPolish
AppleWebKitThe Web Kit provides a set of core classes to display web content in windows
312.8Web Kit build
KHTML Open Source HTML layout engine developed by the KDE project
like Geckolike Gecko...
SafariBased on Safari
DeskBrowseName :
1.0DeskBrowse version
Description:Open source web browser for Mac OS X that had been dead for a while.
Last visit:2015.11.10 06:21

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